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Plan Ahead For A Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out is stressful. And cleaning the home you’re leaving behind can be frustratingly time consuming and unsatisfying. When you won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of your laborious deep clean, it’s hard to motivate yourself to spend precious time doing the work. But failing to scrub your years in the home away can be costly. You could lose your rent deposit or face issues at the closing table. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead for a move-out cleaning.

Make a packing and cleaning schedule

Packing BoxesBefore you begin loading up the boxes, make a packing and cleaning schedule. Sketch out the time you plan to dedicate to different rooms for packing everything and then the time you expect to spend cleaning.

Getting it all down on paper will give you a clearer picture of the time you need. While that picture could be overwhelming, it’s far better to be prepared than it is to be up all night the days before you move.

Double the time you think you need

Most of us are hopelessly optimistic when it comes to estimating our efficiency at performing certain tasks. However long you initially think it will take you to pack up your home and clean it, double the time you think you need.

If it turns out you are every bit as efficient as you dreamed you were, you’ll have extra time you didn’t count on. That’s a lot more fun than realizing you don’t have enough time.

Save the cleaning for last

You can clean each room as you go. But most people don’t end up clearing an entire room at a time. You want everything out of a space before you begin scrubbing. The act of moving things into other rooms can still stir up dust and undo some of your hard work. For that reason, it’s best to save the cleaning for last.

Hire a professional cleaning service

Since moving is stressful and cleaning a place you won’t see again is terribly unsatisfying, it might be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service. This will eliminate a lot of the stress involved with a move-out cleaning.

If you do decide to hire a pro, the same rule of planning ahead for a move-out cleaning applies. Most cleaning services need at least a few days of notice. If you know from the beginning you will hire a professional, schedule the appointment early – a month is a good amount of time.

From there, the trick is just packing on a schedule and having the home ready for the cleaning team. Plan ahead for your move-out cleaning.

Be on top of your move. Call Clean Castle Service to learn more about their move-out cleaning services and get your move-out cleaning scheduled well ahead of time.


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