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House Cleaning for Special Occasions

House cleaning before a big holiday, or special occasion like a graduation party can be extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! To keep both a clean home and your sanity during this busy season, just remember these three house cleaning tips!

Pick your house cleaning priorities

Family House CleaningHouse cleaning for the special occasion is different than spring cleaning. You want to declutter and organize, yes, but you also want to maximize your cleaning efficiency. While spring house cleaning might include your closets and garage, choose which rooms you will clean with care. Deep clean guest rooms, bathrooms, and major living spaces. It is a good idea to tidy your bedroom and other areas of your home, but don’t go overboard.

Your focus should be on the areas of your house that the guests will visit. The holidays are busy enough as it is; don’t waste those precious moments cleaning areas of your home that can wait until the beginning of the year.

Approach your house cleaning through the eyes of your guests

Once you decide which rooms to clean and which to ignore, place yourself in your guests’ shoes. Oftentimes, we look past areas of clutter and mess simply because we’ve become accustomed to it. To get you started, take a look at these holiday house cleaning tips! When house cleaning for the holidays, or special occasion, view your home from the perspective of your guests to make sure your home is party-ready.

Before cleaning a room, look at it from all angles. Take a moment and sit in a different chair than you normally would, or stand in the far corner of the room to get a new perspective of the space. This will help you recognize those areas of clutter that and dust bunnies that you may not see or overlook.

Perform daily house cleaning maintenance leading up to your event

When cleaning your house for the holidays, I recommend you do all your deep cleaning in the days and weeks leading up to your party. Instead of cleaning all day long, deep clean one or two rooms each day. Then, at the end of each day, spend fifteen minutes simply maintaining the work you’ve already done. If you tidy each room at the end of the night, your home will be ready for that special holiday event with little to no stress!

The holiday season, or planning for that special occasion is often stressful enough as it is. Hopefully following these simple house cleaning tips will prevent you from excess worry leading up to your next holiday event. Of course, for a completely stress free house cleaning experience, you could always give us a call! Your home will be ready for that special occasion in no time at all!

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