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Empty Your Home Before A Move-Out Cleaning

Cleaning a home you’re leaving behind is no fun. But one sure way to turn it into torture is to try to do it as you go. You will want to empty your home before a move-out cleaning. That means all of your furniture and your boxes and even the little knick knacks that didn’t get packed early on and ended up in little piles on the floor need to go before you so much as pick up a dust rag.

Get the furniture out of the house

Empty houseIf you’re moving anyway, you want to get the furniture out of the house before you begin your move-out deep clean. When your home is empty, it’s easier to see the problem spots and tackle them. Plus, you don’t want to be moving the couch around so you can vacuum under it when you’re about to move it out permanently anyway.

Clear out your cabinets

A move-out cleaning is a deep, deep clean. The home should feel almost new to the next person who lives there. Part of that experience is erasing all the evidence you left behind in the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers and under the sink. Before you can scrub away the dried honey on one of the pantry shelves, you need to clear out your cabinets so you can clean without moving canned goods and boxes you plan to pack up anyway.

Take everything off the walls

Most people don’t think to clean the walls in their houses while they’re living in them. But it’s usually part of a good move-out deep clean. There will be scuffmarks and drips of coffee or greasy fingerprints from the kids to wipe away. That means you need to pack up all of your pictures and paintings. Take everything off the walls before you start your move-out clean.

Empty your home for the professional cleaners

If you decide to hire a team of professional cleaners, you’ll still want to empty your home before a move-out cleaning. The cleaning professionals will be able to do a deep clean much faster if they don’t have to move things out of the way or work around you as you finish packing everything up. Since most professional cleaners charge by the hour, emptying your home before they arrive pays.

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