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How To Clean Windowsills

The glass in your window can sparkle, but if the woodwork and windowsills around the glass are filthy, the whole thing can look dirty. That’s why it’s important to learn how to clean windowsills.

How to clean windowsills – Step 1

Window SillsBefore you begin soaping anything up, take a look at your windows and get to understand how they’re put together. The windowsill is more than the ledge at the base of your window. There’s a lot to know before you learn how to clean windowsills.

Parts of a windowsill

The windowsill typically refers to the woodwork, or sometimes vinyl, that surrounds your window inside. There are several parts of a windowsill, including the track, the apron, the sash and the sills.

Cleaning the window track

To clean the window track, the metal track your window slides in, use a vacuum. Vaccum up as much dust and debris as you can before using a damp soapy rag to wipe up the more stubborn dirt. Use a screwdriver or similar tool to get the rag into hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Cleaning the window apron

The window apron is the ledge at the base of your window. It’s also sometimes called the window stool. Begin by vacuuming the apron with a dust-brush attachment. Then use a damp soapy rag and a damp freshwater rag to wipe away the dirt. Then dry the apron with a dry cloth so it won’t attract any fresh dirt.

Cleaning the window sills

The sill commonly refers to the sides of the window well. To clean the windowsill, begin with a vacuum cleaner to get up all of the stray dust. Then wipe the vinyl or wood with a damp rag dipped in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

The order

When learning how to clean windowsills, it’s key to go in a particular order. You always want to clean the track first. That will allow you to clean the dirt and dust that spills onto the window apron and sills afterward without repeating your work.

It also pays to clean the sides before you wipe down the window apron.

Who cleans windowsills

While you’ll hear most house cleaners say they don’t do windows, they do know how to clean windowsills and it’s a service most housecleaners will provide.

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