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How To Clean Window Coverings

Once you finish cleaning the windows, you want to make sure your window coverings aren’t ruining the view. Unfortunately, blinds, shades and drapes often go neglected for years in a row. One key to keeping windows attractive is learning how to clean window coverings.

Different styles of window covering

Window CoveringsThere are several different styles of window coverings, each requiring different cleaning methods.

You wouldn’t want to rub down fabric drapes with sudsy water and you wouldn’t throw your wooden blinds in the washing machine. Some of these tips might be common sense once you read them. But don’t feel bad if you’ve never cleaned your window coverings before. You aren’t the only one.

Use the vacuum to clean window coverings

If you’re wondering how to clean window coverings on a regular or monthly basis, there’s just one tool you need. Use the vacuum to clean window coverings. The dust-brush tool for your vacuum works perfectly for all hard blinds and even the pleated and solar shades.

Just run the dust-brush tool over your closed blinds or shades once a month to keep them clean.

Use the upholstery attachment for drapes and curtains.

How to deep clean window coverings

To get that once-a-year deep clean that will keep your window coverings looking good, try these tried-and-true tricks.

• Hard blinds: Whether they’re vertical or horizontal, wood, vinyl or metal, wash your hard blinds one slat at a time once a year. For wood blinds, use a wood cleaner. For all other hard blinds, use warm water with a little dish-washing detergent and a damp rag to wipe each slat.

• Curtains and drapery: If you want to get that deep clean for curtains or drapes, remove them and wash them. If the fabric is machine washable, you can do this at home. However, it’s usually wise to take fabric window coverings to the drycleaner once a year.

• The exception: Pleated sunshades are the only window covering that can’t get a deep clean. Vacuuming and dusting is the only way to keep this style of window covering clean.

It’s worth doing

Now that you know how to clean window coverings, it’s important to keep up with it. When window coverings are neglected they can begin to look dingy and dirty. When they’re clean and bright, they can brighten your whole home.

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