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Spring Cleaning Tips: The Dirt You Don’t See

Spring Cleaning is a chance to clear the cobwebs – literally. People have felt the urge for centuries to spruce up and clean the house thoroughly when the snow starts melting and the days get longer. But there are a few frequently neglected places in the springtime deep clean that you probably never get to in regular house cleaning.

The dirt you don’t see

Spring CleaningThe dirt you don’t see can hurt you. Dust, grime, germs and bacteria can build up in places you never look. Left unattended, dirt can cause damage to your home that you won’t discover until you move out. That’s why it’s so important to do a deep clean once a year that gets into the nooks and crannies of your house.

Cleaning under the furniture

If you usually vacuum around the couch, there’s no shame in that. Everyone does it. But, at least once a year, you should move things around and thoroughly clean under your furniture. While you don’t see the dust and grime, it builds up in those rarely visited crevices and can damage the air quality in your home. Dropped food can also grow mold or attract rodents and insects.

Scrubbing the inside of your appliances

Even though you open the refrigerator and freezer doors multiple times a day, you probably can’t remember the last time you cleaned inside of them or any of your other appliances. In order for them to operate efficiently, the inside of most appliances should get a good scrubbing once a year. Appliance spring cleaning tips:

  1. Refrigerator and Freezer – Empty all the food out and throw away the expired items or those you’ve had in your freezer for years and suspect you’ll never use. Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to clean the refrigerator while the freezer defrosts. Then use hot water to scrub the freezer and melt stubborn ice.
  2. Inside the clothes washer – No one ever thinks to clean this appliance. But soap scum can build up and a good rubbing with some vinegar helps to keep it clean.
  3. The oven – Can become incredibly problematic when it’s dirty. Spilled food burns on the elements and smokes up the house, tainting the flavor of the item you are baking. Use your cleaning setting if you have a self-cleaning oven and then scrub with an oven cleaner after it has cooled.

Drawers and cabinets

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go through drawers and cabinets to throw or give away food and supplies that are expired or that you won’t use. As you organize, take everything out and wipe shelves and the inside of your drawers for a deep clean.

While the spots under your furniture, inside your appliances and beneath your sink might be out of sight, they shouldn’t be out of mind.

For a really good, deep spring cleaning call Clean Castle Service and let us take care of it for you.

Cleaning The Windows

The days are getting longer and nothing says spring like rays of beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows all hours of the day. Of course, filthy windows could keep the inside of your home looking unseasonably cold. We have some tips for cleaning the windows that should brighten your day.

Cleaning the windows requires different tools

Window SqueegyThe paper towels and crumpled newspaper you typically use for cleaning the windows don’t work. That’s why you might feel like your windows never really sparkle. Cleaning the windows requires different tools than you might have expected.

Instead of linty paper products that leave a residue, use sponges, cloths and squeegees.

Use soapy water

Instead of spritzing your windows with glass cleaner, consider cleaning your windows with warm soapy water. After all, your windows are exposed to the elements every day. Cleaning them will require a little more effort than wiping your bathroom mirror would.

Window cleaning method

Use a sponge or cloth to cover your windows with soapy water. Then use a squeegee to wipe away the water and the dirt with it. Wipe the squeegee after each stroke across the glass. This allows you to get rid of the dirt and start fresh instead of wiping a window with the same dirty paper towel or newspaper over and over again. This window cleaning method works wonders.

Scrub the residue away

Even clean windows can have that ghostly old look because of hardened minerals stuck to the glass. Sometimes, professional window cleaners don’t even get windows to sparkle because they don’t know this trick. Scrub away the residue with an abrasive cleaner like Barkeepers Friend, which breaks down mineral deposits with oxalic acid.

Let the light in

Once you’ve finished cleaning the windows, step back and enjoy the natural light pouring into your home. Clean windows can make such a tremendous difference in the way a room or even an entire home looks and feels.

Of course, if you discover all that natural light is just making your dust more visible, we have a few other house cleaning tricks you can try, including a phone call to Clean Castle Service.


If you have more windows than you can clean easily, give Clean Castle Service a call and we’ll take care of it!

Spring Cleaning Tips: 10 Steps To A Deep Clean

Spring Cleaning is the one time of year when most people really strive to deep clean their homes. That’s perfectly fine. If you really dig deep and clean your house as thoroughly as possible, once a year is plenty. The trick is really getting that DEEP clean.


What is a deep clean?

spring-cleaning-upholsteryDeep cleaning goes well beyond wiping your counters and making the bathroom mirror shine. It even goes deeper than cleaning the toilets and dusting everything. A deep clean requires some serious elbow grease. Here are 10 of the essentials that will distinguish your deep spring cleaning from a regular house cleaning.


1. Dusting behind everything

In a deep spring cleaning, you will pick everything up off of your surfaces and dust the individual knick knacks as well as the places where they used to sit.


2. Inside the drawers and cabinets

It’s time to get rid of the things you don’t use. Go through your drawers and cabinets and give or throw things away before you wipe shelves and drawers with a damp rag and cleaning solution.


3. Window coverings

You probably don’t often think of these, which is why they’re covered in dust. Vacuum curtains and dust individual planks on your blinds.


4. The bathroom

Scrub and consider bleaching dark grout on tile. Wash the shower curtain in the laundry and clear your sink drains.


5. Light fixtures

Dust the tops of ceiling fans and run a rag across the tops of all the light fixtures in your house.


6. Air quality

Dust then vacuum EVERYTHING. Get your air ducts cleaned every few years and wash your floor vents during spring cleaning.


7. Scrub the trashcan

The trashcan is a germ hotspot that’s rarely cleaned. Use hot soapy water to thoroughly wash old, dried food from the inside.


8. Wash the windows

Clean your windows inside and outside.


9. Move the furniture

Be sure to pick up and vacuum underneath and behind all of your furniture at least once a year.


10. Vacuum your upholstered furniture

Especially furniture that’s not often used can collect dust bunnies and lose its luster. Of course, the furniture you use frequently is likely covered in crumbs with debris in the cracks between cushions.


Spring cleaning is a lot of work while you’re in the thick of it. But it feels so good when your home has that deep clean and everything is in its place.


Oh, and if you don't really feel like Spring Cleaning... no problem, you can call us Clean Castle Service, and we'll do the cleaning for you.



Spring Cleaning Tips: The Dirt You Always See

Spring House Cleaning

People have been spring cleaning their homes since at least 1843, when the term was first referenced. But I think it’s probably been happening even longer than that. There’s something about the hopefulness and optimism of spring that energizes us and makes us want to start fresh. That fresh start inevitably requires a little cleaning up.

Spring-Window-CleaningStart by Cleaning the Dirt You Always See

To start, clean the most obvious, yet overlooked places in your home. There is dirt right in front of you. You see it every day and you even sometimes think about cleaning it, but that spot on the wall, the dusty floor trim or windowsill never seem to make the to-do list. Spring is the time to tackle the dirt that hides in plain sight.

Cleaning the walls

Walls build up with dirt and grime and can be scuffed with furniture on the move, marked by kids with crayons or dripped with coffee. Walls are rarely cleaned. But giving them a scrub during spring cleaning should keep them in good shape. How to clean the walls:

  1. 1.Dust the walls. Use a vacuum or soft cloth that won’t scratch the paint.
  1. 2.Remove stains. Baking soda and water or toothpaste work well for this. Leave the paste on the stain for a few minutes before gently scrubbing the spot, careful to avoid removing the paint.
  2. 3.Using a damp cloth dipped in a mild cleaning solution, wipe the wall starting at the ceiling and drying as you go.
  1. 4.Use two different buckets – one for cleaning solution and another for rinsing the dirty rag.

Cleaning window and sliding door tracks

Spring means you’re about to start opening your windows. As soon as you do, you’ll be reminded of how you meant to clean out your window tracks. They collect so much dirt and grime they often appear black. How to clean your window tracks:

  1. 1.Vacuum the window tracks. There is usually so much dirt in the little troughs that this is an essential first step.
  1. 2.Wipe the track out with a clean soapy rag and rinse it in a separate bucket before getting more solution and wiping again.
  2. 3.Use a butter knife or screwdriver wrapped in a damp rag to get the hard-to-reach crevices.

Cleaning the windowsills

After you’ve cleaned the tracks, wipe down the windowsills with a damp soapy rag. Make sure you dry thoroughly and don’t use too much soap or the dirt will build up even more quickly next time.

Cleaning the most obvious places first is a good spring cleaning motivator that will inspire you to keep scrubbing.

Germ Hot Spots and How to Clean Them: Around the House

Woman-Relaxing-after-House-CleaningOver the past few posts, we’ve discussed specific areas of a home that are known to be major germ hot spots. You’ve learned how to keep your pet accessories clean, and you’ve also learned to identify and disinfect germ hotspots in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. In this post, we’ll discuss how to identify your own personal germ hot spots, as well as several other common sources throughout your home.

Germ Hot Spot Number Five: Items Around the House

Because every home and every family is different, you will have germ hot spots that are entirely unique to your home. To identify your home’s germ hot spots, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What objects do my family use the most?
  2. How often do I clean those objects?
  3. With what other surfaces do those objects come into contact?

After considering these three simple questions, it is likely you will come up with at least one or two potential germ hot spots. Add cleaning these items to your regular cleaning schedule, and you won’t have to worry about it any longer.

In addition to the germ hot spots you just identified, here are a few common ones found throughout your home.

  • Switches, Knobs, and Handles
  • Walls
  • House Keys

Think about it. Your hands, your significant other’s hands, and your kids’ hands are all over these all the time. Keeping these germ hot spots under control is an easy way to prevent illness from spreading from one family member to the next. When you clean a room, always remember to wipe down every doorknob, drawer pull, and light switch in sight.

Especially if you have youngsters, your walls undergo the same treatment as the light switches and doorknobs on a daily basis. If you look closely, you can probably even see finger prints on the walls and door jambs throughout your home. To clean these areas, mix a simple solution of dish soap and warm water and gently wipe each surface with a damp cloth. If you have wallpaper or flat paint, follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer, and always test a small, inconspicuous area first.

When was the last time you cleaned your house keys? If “Never,” or “I don’t know,” spring to mind, it has been too long. Luckily, house keys are pretty easy to clean. Start by removing any electronic key chains from the ring and wiping them down with a damp cloth. To clean the remaining keys and key chains, simply use a dab of dish soap and a scrub brush to remove any grime or buildup. Rinse under warm water, and dry with a paper towel. That’s it! Instead of a germ hot spot, you have a set of shiny, clean keys. Repeat this process at least once per month or more often if you are prone to dropping your keys.

Hopefully these past few posts have been helpful to you. You now have all the tools you need to identify and control germ hot spots throughout your home. Add these simple tasks to your house cleaning schedule to cool down the germ hot spots in your life!

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