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How to Make Your Own Custom House Cleaning Schedule

One of the easiest ways to clean your house (and keep it clean) is to stick to a house cleaning schedule. A house cleaning schedule grants you the freedom of knowing exactly what to do each day without having to worry about it! It also eliminates the need for those last-minute, “Oh my goodness, my house is a disaster zone!” cleaning frenzies. By sticking to your personalized house cleaning schedule, you will save time and reduce your cleaning-related stress!

Of course, each family has different needs when it comes to a clean house, so it would be impractical to offer a one-size-fits-all house cleaning schedule. Instead, follow these simple steps to create your very own schedule that is tailored to your specific house cleaning needs!

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Place to Keep Your House Cleaning Schedule

Creating a House Cleaning ScheduleA house cleaning schedule is no good if it is locked up in your head. Write your schedule down to increase its validity and help keep yourself (and your participating family members) accountable. Many families find a large wall calendar or day planner to be helpful in maintaining their house cleaning schedules. The main requirement for these items is that there is enough space to list out specific tasks for each day.

For the more tech-savvy house cleaners, why not try a digital calendar? Most online calendar platforms allow sharing between users. The upsides to a digital house cleaning schedule are that every member of the family can access it at any time, there is unlimited space for task descriptions, and your house cleaning schedule will be backed up online!

Step 2: Identify and Catalog House Cleaning Tasks

Once you’ve chosen a planner or other way to record your house cleaning schedule, it is time to actually build the schedule itself. To do this, grab a sheet of paper and divide it into four sections. Label one section, “Daily,” another, “Weekly,” the third, “Monthly,” and the final section, “Seasonally.”

With your paper in hand, walk from room to room and identify specific house cleaning tasks. Ask yourself, “Do I need to clean this daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally?” When you have your answer, record it in the proper box. Try to do one room at a time; don’t skip around from one room to the next. Also, take a look at your front and back yard when compiling your list.

Step 3: Organize Your House Cleaning Schedule

Now that you’ve catalogued the house cleaning tasks in your home, return to your planner. List the daily tasks (making the beds, washing the dishes, etc.) in each slot for the first few weeks. After that, simply put, “Daily Tasks” in the boxes as a simple reminder. You will have already learned the pattern of those daily chores by then.

Next, move on to the weekly tasks. Decide whether you’d like to complete these house cleaning tasks all at once, or spread them out throughout the week. If you choose to spread them out, try to group like tasks together (dusting on Mondays, vacuuming on Tuesdays, etc.).

Finally, write down your monthly and seasonal tasks. There shouldn’t be too many of these, so pick a day to knock them out all at once.

Step 4: Put Your House Cleaning Schedule into Practice

Great job! Now that you’ve got your custom house cleaning schedule, it’s time to put it to use! Remember: it takes time to develop a habit. Don’t stress if you miss a day; just move on and keep with it! You will do great, and you’ll love your clean house!

House Cleaning 101: Everything UNDER the Kitchen Sink

Kick your new year of house cleaning off to a great start by organizing those cabinets under your kitchen sink? It is time to clean the cabinets under your kitchen sink! Once you are done, you will be better prepared to keep up with your house cleaning goals.

Oftentimes, the area under the kitchen sink is a black hole for house cleaning supplies, random hardware, and other loose odds and ends. Organize the cabinets under your kitchen sink and transform them into your one-stop cleaning space. A tidy house cleaning storage area makes keeping the rest of the house clean so much easier, so let’s get started!

1.     Clear out the cabinets.

Take EVERYTHING out of the cabinets under your sink and lay the contents out in front of you. You might be surprised just how much stuff you had crammed in there!

2.     Clean the kitchen cabinets.

Now that the cabinets under your kitchen sink are empty, it is time to get them nice and clean! Grab one of your multi-surface cleaners and scrub the cabinet’s sides, doors, and floor. Once the cabinets are clean and dry, add a non-stick shelf liner to the bottom. You can find a shelf-liner that matches your kitchen’s décor at most big-box convenience stores.

3.     Sort through the house cleaning supplies.

Now that the contents of your newly-designated cleaning cabinets are on display, it is time to sort through them. Start by discarding any empty or leaking bottles.

If you have multiples of any one product (window cleaner, for example), combine them when possible. Of course, be careful not to mix products!

Throw dirty sponges in the dishwasher, and machine wash any loose rags.

4.     Finish up by organizing the remaining house cleaning supplies.

As you begin to place house cleaning supplies back into the cabinets under your sink, think about how you use each product. Items that are only used once or twice a month should be placed towards the back. House cleaning products that you use frequently (and in emergencies) should be close at hand towards the front of the cabinet. Remember those sponges and cleaning rags? Fold and stack them neatly along the side of the cabinet.

Now that your house cleaning cabinets are nice and organized, you are ready to take on the rest of your home! Keep up the great work, and give us a call if you’d like a hand cleaning house!

3 House Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

You may have developed a long list of New Year’s resolutions this morning, but did include any house cleaning resolutions? The beginning of a new year is filled with enthusiasm and the motivation to make big changes, making it a great time to develop new house cleaning habits. While your house cleaning resolutions could range from making your bed each morning to deep cleaning the house twice a month, we’ve put together a few of our own suggestions.

Create a house cleaning schedule and stick to it.

This is the easiest resolution to begin, but upholding a strict house cleaning schedule can be tricky to maintain. Rather than saying, “I’m going to clean my whole house each day,” try to set a realistic goal. Consider deep cleaning one or two rooms a week and speed cleaning the rest. Or, maybe you do dishes every other day and laundry twice a week. Whatever your schedule, set yourself up for success. Choose a routine that will keep your house clean while preserving your sanity at the same time.

Make house cleaning a family activity.

Family House CleaningMake it your goal this year to get the entire family involved with keeping the house clean. No one person should have to pick up after everyone else, so encourage your family members to do their part. You could possibly tie this resolution in with the previous one. If each person has a regularly scheduled task, it will be easier to ensure everyone has an equal share of the work.

While this is a very reasonable resolution, some of your family members may reject the idea at first. To overcome this, come up with ways to make house cleaning fun. Have cleaning races, prizes for the best cleaner, or treat the family to dinner after a thorough deep cleaning. Find the proper incentives for your family, and try it out!

Budget for professional house cleaning.

Whether you would like weekly help with household chores or quarterly deep cleans, you deserve to have a professional clean your home this year. Starting today, determine a budget that will allow you to hire a professional house cleaner. You’ll thank yourself later when you have a squeaky clean home with little to no effort on your part. Consider it your reward for keeping up with your other house cleaning resolutions!

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