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House Cleaning for Special Occasions

House cleaning before a big holiday, or special occasion like a graduation party can be extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! To keep both a clean home and your sanity during this busy season, just remember these three house cleaning tips!

Pick your house cleaning priorities

Family House CleaningHouse cleaning for the special occasion is different than spring cleaning. You want to declutter and organize, yes, but you also want to maximize your cleaning efficiency. While spring house cleaning might include your closets and garage, choose which rooms you will clean with care. Deep clean guest rooms, bathrooms, and major living spaces. It is a good idea to tidy your bedroom and other areas of your home, but don’t go overboard.

Your focus should be on the areas of your house that the guests will visit. The holidays are busy enough as it is; don’t waste those precious moments cleaning areas of your home that can wait until the beginning of the year.

Approach your house cleaning through the eyes of your guests

Once you decide which rooms to clean and which to ignore, place yourself in your guests’ shoes. Oftentimes, we look past areas of clutter and mess simply because we’ve become accustomed to it. To get you started, take a look at these holiday house cleaning tips! When house cleaning for the holidays, or special occasion, view your home from the perspective of your guests to make sure your home is party-ready.

Before cleaning a room, look at it from all angles. Take a moment and sit in a different chair than you normally would, or stand in the far corner of the room to get a new perspective of the space. This will help you recognize those areas of clutter that and dust bunnies that you may not see or overlook.

Perform daily house cleaning maintenance leading up to your event

When cleaning your house for the holidays, I recommend you do all your deep cleaning in the days and weeks leading up to your party. Instead of cleaning all day long, deep clean one or two rooms each day. Then, at the end of each day, spend fifteen minutes simply maintaining the work you’ve already done. If you tidy each room at the end of the night, your home will be ready for that special holiday event with little to no stress!

The holiday season, or planning for that special occasion is often stressful enough as it is. Hopefully following these simple house cleaning tips will prevent you from excess worry leading up to your next holiday event. Of course, for a completely stress free house cleaning experience, you could always give us a call! Your home will be ready for that special occasion in no time at all!

Plan Ahead For A Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out is stressful. And cleaning the home you’re leaving behind can be frustratingly time consuming and unsatisfying. When you won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of your laborious deep clean, it’s hard to motivate yourself to spend precious time doing the work. But failing to scrub your years in the home away can be costly. You could lose your rent deposit or face issues at the closing table. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead for a move-out cleaning.

Make a packing and cleaning schedule

Packing BoxesBefore you begin loading up the boxes, make a packing and cleaning schedule. Sketch out the time you plan to dedicate to different rooms for packing everything and then the time you expect to spend cleaning.

Getting it all down on paper will give you a clearer picture of the time you need. While that picture could be overwhelming, it’s far better to be prepared than it is to be up all night the days before you move.

Double the time you think you need

Most of us are hopelessly optimistic when it comes to estimating our efficiency at performing certain tasks. However long you initially think it will take you to pack up your home and clean it, double the time you think you need.

If it turns out you are every bit as efficient as you dreamed you were, you’ll have extra time you didn’t count on. That’s a lot more fun than realizing you don’t have enough time.

Save the cleaning for last

You can clean each room as you go. But most people don’t end up clearing an entire room at a time. You want everything out of a space before you begin scrubbing. The act of moving things into other rooms can still stir up dust and undo some of your hard work. For that reason, it’s best to save the cleaning for last.

Hire a professional cleaning service

Since moving is stressful and cleaning a place you won’t see again is terribly unsatisfying, it might be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service. This will eliminate a lot of the stress involved with a move-out cleaning.

If you do decide to hire a pro, the same rule of planning ahead for a move-out cleaning applies. Most cleaning services need at least a few days of notice. If you know from the beginning you will hire a professional, schedule the appointment early – a month is a good amount of time.

From there, the trick is just packing on a schedule and having the home ready for the cleaning team. Plan ahead for your move-out cleaning.

Be on top of your move. Call Clean Castle Service to learn more about their move-out cleaning services and get your move-out cleaning scheduled well ahead of time.


Empty Your Home Before A Move-Out Cleaning

Cleaning a home you’re leaving behind is no fun. But one sure way to turn it into torture is to try to do it as you go. You will want to empty your home before a move-out cleaning. That means all of your furniture and your boxes and even the little knick knacks that didn’t get packed early on and ended up in little piles on the floor need to go before you so much as pick up a dust rag.

Get the furniture out of the house

Empty houseIf you’re moving anyway, you want to get the furniture out of the house before you begin your move-out deep clean. When your home is empty, it’s easier to see the problem spots and tackle them. Plus, you don’t want to be moving the couch around so you can vacuum under it when you’re about to move it out permanently anyway.

Clear out your cabinets

A move-out cleaning is a deep, deep clean. The home should feel almost new to the next person who lives there. Part of that experience is erasing all the evidence you left behind in the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers and under the sink. Before you can scrub away the dried honey on one of the pantry shelves, you need to clear out your cabinets so you can clean without moving canned goods and boxes you plan to pack up anyway.

Take everything off the walls

Most people don’t think to clean the walls in their houses while they’re living in them. But it’s usually part of a good move-out deep clean. There will be scuffmarks and drips of coffee or greasy fingerprints from the kids to wipe away. That means you need to pack up all of your pictures and paintings. Take everything off the walls before you start your move-out clean.

Empty your home for the professional cleaners

If you decide to hire a team of professional cleaners, you’ll still want to empty your home before a move-out cleaning. The cleaning professionals will be able to do a deep clean much faster if they don’t have to move things out of the way or work around you as you finish packing everything up. Since most professional cleaners charge by the hour, emptying your home before they arrive pays.

Moving can be stressful enough! Check with Clean Castle Service to make it less stressful and more of a happy experience.

How To Clean Window Coverings

Once you finish cleaning the windows, you want to make sure your window coverings aren’t ruining the view. Unfortunately, blinds, shades and drapes often go neglected for years in a row. One key to keeping windows attractive is learning how to clean window coverings.

Different styles of window covering

Window CoveringsThere are several different styles of window coverings, each requiring different cleaning methods.

You wouldn’t want to rub down fabric drapes with sudsy water and you wouldn’t throw your wooden blinds in the washing machine. Some of these tips might be common sense once you read them. But don’t feel bad if you’ve never cleaned your window coverings before. You aren’t the only one.

Use the vacuum to clean window coverings

If you’re wondering how to clean window coverings on a regular or monthly basis, there’s just one tool you need. Use the vacuum to clean window coverings. The dust-brush tool for your vacuum works perfectly for all hard blinds and even the pleated and solar shades.

Just run the dust-brush tool over your closed blinds or shades once a month to keep them clean.

Use the upholstery attachment for drapes and curtains.

How to deep clean window coverings

To get that once-a-year deep clean that will keep your window coverings looking good, try these tried-and-true tricks.

• Hard blinds: Whether they’re vertical or horizontal, wood, vinyl or metal, wash your hard blinds one slat at a time once a year. For wood blinds, use a wood cleaner. For all other hard blinds, use warm water with a little dish-washing detergent and a damp rag to wipe each slat.

• Curtains and drapery: If you want to get that deep clean for curtains or drapes, remove them and wash them. If the fabric is machine washable, you can do this at home. However, it’s usually wise to take fabric window coverings to the drycleaner once a year.

• The exception: Pleated sunshades are the only window covering that can’t get a deep clean. Vacuuming and dusting is the only way to keep this style of window covering clean.

It’s worth doing

Now that you know how to clean window coverings, it’s important to keep up with it. When window coverings are neglected they can begin to look dingy and dirty. When they’re clean and bright, they can brighten your whole home.

Make your castle sparkle and shine – Clean Castle Service can help you do it!

How To Clean Windowsills

The glass in your window can sparkle, but if the woodwork and windowsills around the glass are filthy, the whole thing can look dirty. That’s why it’s important to learn how to clean windowsills.

How to clean windowsills – Step 1

Window SillsBefore you begin soaping anything up, take a look at your windows and get to understand how they’re put together. The windowsill is more than the ledge at the base of your window. There’s a lot to know before you learn how to clean windowsills.

Parts of a windowsill

The windowsill typically refers to the woodwork, or sometimes vinyl, that surrounds your window inside. There are several parts of a windowsill, including the track, the apron, the sash and the sills.

Cleaning the window track

To clean the window track, the metal track your window slides in, use a vacuum. Vaccum up as much dust and debris as you can before using a damp soapy rag to wipe up the more stubborn dirt. Use a screwdriver or similar tool to get the rag into hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Cleaning the window apron

The window apron is the ledge at the base of your window. It’s also sometimes called the window stool. Begin by vacuuming the apron with a dust-brush attachment. Then use a damp soapy rag and a damp freshwater rag to wipe away the dirt. Then dry the apron with a dry cloth so it won’t attract any fresh dirt.

Cleaning the window sills

The sill commonly refers to the sides of the window well. To clean the windowsill, begin with a vacuum cleaner to get up all of the stray dust. Then wipe the vinyl or wood with a damp rag dipped in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

The order

When learning how to clean windowsills, it’s key to go in a particular order. You always want to clean the track first. That will allow you to clean the dirt and dust that spills onto the window apron and sills afterward without repeating your work.

It also pays to clean the sides before you wipe down the window apron.

Who cleans windowsills

While you’ll hear most house cleaners say they don’t do windows, they do know how to clean windowsills and it’s a service most housecleaners will provide.

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